Adaptive Curling

Since 2011, Glacial Ridge Curling has offered an adaptive program for area residents with special needs. All of our participants are either cognitively and/or physically challenged and range in age from the teens on into the 70s. Once a week during the season they are coached by volunteers from GRC who help them learn to curl with a physical aid similar to a shuffleboard stick. Our volunteers also handle the vigorous sweeping. Over the years, we have learned the best methods to teach the sport, build participants’ skills, and keep it fun for all.

On the surface, this program is simply a chance for participants to get out, try something new, and have some fun. It is all of that and more. What we’ve discovered through the years is that everyone (players, their families, healthcare staff, volunteers and spectators), is enriched with new relationships and feelings of worth and accomplishment.

Brian has been involved in the adaptive curling program since it began. Due to his health condition he has not had many options to play a sport. Then he discovered curling and is now an important part of his team. He feels like a rock star when he competes!

-Betty Tersteeg, Brian's mom

To learn how to get involved with our Adaptive Curling program, contact us!